"Receta is able to handle production & financials from beginning to end"

Key features:

As an SME in the Nutraceutical or Food Supplement production industry, you’ll already be aware that finding the right management software for your business can be a very frustrating journey. You may be having to use several individual pieces of software, meaning lots of frustration and a likely outcome that your business is now shoe-horned into something which isn't fit for purpose.

Welcome to the very latest in cloud-based ERP software, freeing you from all of the typical frustrations you’ve had up until now, and what’s more - the whole program can be completely customised to the way you work - giving you exact control over how your business operates.

Watch a 30 min video explaining what Receta is and how it can help your business. We briefly show each section and give an overview of the whole system, outlining the processes available within Receta and how you would use them.

Take a look at some of the key features and benefits of Receta:

Quotation/Sales Order/Invoicing/Despatch

Receta can control the full process of quotation to sales order, through to invoicing and despatch - all with only a few clicks. With features such as automatic customer notifications, easy conversion between quote to sales order, alerts on calls-to-action against orders and much more, receta can make your customer’s order progression a breeze!

Receta can also easily handle custom pricing, profit calculations, automatic labour rate calculations and much more!

Stock Management

With a full purchase order suite, real-time stock reports per material and automatic allocation of stock batches to productions, receta will make handling your stock levels as easy as pie!

Automate checking material expiry dates, calculating purchase trends, and understand stock discrepancies with Receta's comprehensive reporting toolkit.
Receta also includes automatic email notifications allowing your staff to be fully aware when new stock is added, materials are needed for purchase and much more!

Automatic Technical Document Generation

Receta makes all documentation management a breeze with it's comprehensive automatic PDF creation features.

No longer will you have separate formulation certificates, stock container labels, manual sales sheets or any other document you currently have to manage manually with spreadsheets, word processed documents etc.

The data you input into Receta automatically flows to these documents which can be produced real-time, on demand, at the click of a button. Change the data and the document changes automatically to suit!

Production Planning

Still managing your production resources via spreadsheets and drawn-out production planning meetings with several members of staff?

With Receta, that can be a thing of the past! Our system comes with a comprehensive series of planning tools including a simple to use drag-and-drop interface for capacity management, automatic stock batch allocation, fully traceable production management including capsule weight checks, real-time yield projections and more!

Formulation Management

No longer will formulation management be a chore! Receta offers a unique 'formulation planner' where new formulations can be trialled without any impact on existing data. We also include help with dosage requirements, as well as auto calculations for fillers and lubricants.

With all productions, documentation, pricing management and stock requirements all being handled from a single source of data - modifications to existing formulas and the ramifications of a change become unbelievably easy to manage.

Marketing Management

Keeping in contact with your customers is made easy with the built-in notifications system. It's now a simple click of a button to send quotations, sales order updates, despatch documentation, invoices and more, automatically during the normal tasks you will perform within the system.

Communication with your customers is key, and with the built-in features within Receta, you complete your work without needing to worry that your customers are not aware what is happening with their order(s).

Quality Assurance

Receta provides a full suite of real-time reporting tools as well as a wide range of tracing, inspection and agenda creation options to enable you easily manage the quality assurance tasks within a single location. Any internal documents you still wish to create and use outside of Receta can also be uploaded into the system to maintain full traceability throughout your entire business.

Accountancy Software Export

Receta integrates directly in your existing accountancy software should you wish. You can now run your entire business in a more profitable way AND keep your accountant happy!

Data Availability and Security

Receta operates within a cloud environment and we operate a robust backup and server security routine ensuring your data is safe. Our equipment is housed in secure data centres with 24/7 monitoring and on-site generator back-up power. We offer a 99.9% uptime SLA on all installations.