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You can try Receta within your own business at no cost for a whole month!

If you're reading this page, then chances are you already know that your existing setup and software implementation for running your business isn't working. You have already made the decision to move and are now looking for the best solution.

We firmly believe Receta can help your business ten-fold

Moving to a new system can seem like a huge leap - don't worry - we are here to help!

Receta comes with full, easy to follow video tutorials and our support staff are only a phone call or email away.

But what about the Free Trial?

Well that bit is easy! Simply request a demo using the link below, go on to sign-up for one of our plans as we will not bill you until the second month of your subscription.

That gives you plenty of time to get started, get your staff up to speed and start seeing the huge benefits which Receta can bring to your company.

If during your first month you decide Receta isn't meeting your expectations, simply contact us and cancel your subscription without issue or cost.

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