Think Receta is only for manufacturers? Think again! It’s perfect for wholesalers and brokers too!

Being a wholesaler/broker for nutraceutical vitamins and supplements, it can difficult to find a system which you can use to manage your stock, your orders, your customers and your suppliers.

Many standard offerings are very generic in nature and don’t understand the nuances involved in the management of capsules, tablets and powder mixes, let alone the differences between types of containers, closures and labels.

In many cases, wholesalers will resort to using a generic system and supplement it with separate spreadsheets and databases to keep on top of the additional information needed.

Receta is also perfect for wholesalers

Examples could be:

  • Formulation spec sheets for your customers
  • Label design artwork storage
  • Traceability on the batches of capsules and tablets in your stock
  • Customer return logs
  • Invoicing customers

    Receta is a system which can do all of that and more!

    Specifically designed for the nutraceutical industry, it can help organise your business in a way unheard of in your sector until now!

    Think Receta is only for manufacturers? Think again! We have lots of customers who are wholesalers and brokers and find that Receta has paid for itself within weeks due to the increased efficiencies it has brought to their businesses.

    Take a look now at our features page to understand everything Receta can do.

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