Is your Formulation Management costing you money?

It is true to say that in many nutraceutical businesses – keeping accurate records of formulations can be a time-consuming job and something which can keep even the most fastidious production manager up at night!

Typically, formulation creation and management might consist of:

  • Cross-referencing several excel spread-sheets against previous formulations or customer specifications
  • Checking against ingredient specification sheets from your suppliers
  • Double checking dosages against regulatory NRV’s
  • Manually calculating correct dosages between extracts, purities and more.
  • Manually converting between mg/mcg/iu/cfg.

All of that just to generate an accurate specification sheet for your latest product – sound familiar? We’ve haven’t even touched how that specification is then converted into an accurately manufactured product!

Suddenly all of the additional requirements you need to have in place simply to produce a formulation appear to have crept up on you overnight and you’re now trapped in the situation where you and your staff are spending countless hours trying to keep on top of everything.

If you are lucky enough to have moved on from excel and the like, onto something such as an ERP program, I’m willing to bet that you have to constantly work outside of your main software simply to ‘re-discover’ the actual formulation specifications.

Common problems are:

  • Generic ERP software not capable of understanding the differences between mcg/mg
  • Not enough decimal places to keep formulations accurate when produced
  • Inclusion of capsule shells into the mix requiring ‘hack’ quantities being added into the mix to simply get the whole thing to hang together when it comes to reducing stock quantities correctly.
  • Discrepancies between the originally calculated formula and it’s storage in different areas of your software solution

Don’t be afraid if you currently fit within either of those two scenarios – it’s all too common.

Things don’t have to be this way – you can decide to make the change for your business and improve your efficiencies ten-fold and stop hemorrhaging staffing costs keeping on top of this problem.

If you choose to carry on as you are you can be sure of two things:

  1. Your time/salary spend for staff to keep on track of your formulation isn’t going to reduce any time soon.
  2. The inaccuracies of the methods you are currently using will at some point fail to manage a job correctly and you’ll be spending even more of your business’ hard-earned cash trying to put right an incorrect formulation batch mix or an incorrect stock reduction in your ERP.

So how do we correct this problem?

As the director of Receta – an ERP Cloud-based solution specifically designed for the Nutraceutical industry, you’re going to expect me to say that our solution will fix all of these problems for you – and you’re right – Receta will do all of that and more.

However, it’s not just about your choice of software – it’s more about you making the decision that there IS a better way to manage your formulation AND the initial time spent moving to a better solution such as Receta is time well spent when you consider the long term benefits of improvements in accuracy and efficiency!

Why not contact us now at and arrange for a free demonstration of Receta.

We will arrange a screen-share meeting at a time to suit you and tailor our demonstration to show you the key features which overcome the problems you currently face in your nutraceutical business.