Sage Manufacturing MRP – Does your entire business stop simply to run MRP?

If you use Sage Manufacturing to manage your Nutraceutical business you will be familiar with a huge problem when it comes to planning your productions or managing your stock levels

Running Sage Manufacturing MRP is slowing your business!

You need to see what stock you need to purchase or allocate in order to fulfil your sales order so you run the MRP in Sage Manufacturing. Everyone in your business has to stop during this period (which can take a considerable amount of time in some cases)  as Sage will not let you complete any jobs whilst it does the work in the back-end.  In effect your entire business is unable to use your main software system and your entire staff are unable to work whilst you wait for the MRP to complete.

Even worse, in many cases, the MRP will be inaccurate and requires additional work after-the-fact to correctly view the required purchase amounts or allocations.

This huge bottleneck was why, when it came to designing the MRP equivalent in Receta, we opted for a different approach.  With Receta you can use the planning tools at any time, the results are generated within seconds and best of all – it does not affect anyone else using the program at the same time!

With the planning tools available individually or directly within sales orders themselves, it becomes as simple as a single click to view your entire stock usage requirements.

Why not arrange for a five minute demonstration of the power of Receta and let us show you how moving away from your current Manufacturing Software (MRP/ERP/CMS) may be the most important improvement to your business in years!

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