Is maintaining consistent productions of your capsules, tablets or powder mixes your Achilles heel?

A lack of ability to control your productions consistently is for many companies an on-going problem which many ERP systems cannot help with.

This ‘black-hole’ in your company’s infrastructure could be the main problem when it comes to maintaining the quality of your product range, your desire to constantly improve your relationship with your customers, keeping on-top of your GMP requirement and could also be taking up most of your quality assurance staff time  dealing with problems.

Is maintaining consistent productions of your capsules, tablets or powder mixes your Achilles heel?

All of the above is costing your company serious cash!

In many companies, this ‘black-hole’ is filled by non-industry specific software or even worse –basic spreadsheets and word documents – if this is you – there is only way the quality of your products are going to go – down!

Consider the following scenario:

You deal in mg and mcg, and in some cases also CFUs and IUs.  You also deal with extracts and purities.  You also need to record capsule weights during products and generate reports showing yields, timings and more, you also need to have a ‘Master’ production sheet outlining exactly how this product should be made.

Even if you are lucky enough to be able to handle most of that within one piece of software, I can bet that at least one part of it is either a) not consistently observed or b) has be completed in a manual capacity outside of your core system.  Put simply – it’s costing you money.

I’ve seen all sorts of work-arounds for these problems – even in some cases where for each and every production, the ‘master’ record for the formulation has to be manually re-calculated as the software being used isn’t specific enough to deal with mg/mcg! However regardless of the work-around there is always a ‘human’ element whereby a member of staff is double checking data across multiple systems or documents and it is precisely THIS manual management which is the crux of the problem.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, well done! You’re obviously eager to hear about how you can fix this problem for yourself!

The answer is very easy actually – you need to move your business to a single system, specific for your Nutraceutical business which can handle everything in one-place – PLUS it will also handle everything else you need to do in your business – Things such as your customer relations, your incoming enquiries, your quotes, sales orders, invoices and more.

As the director of Receta – an ERP Cloud-based solution specifically designed for the Nutraceutical industry, you’re going to expect me to say that our solution will fix all of these problems for you – and you’re right – Receta will do all of that and more.

However, it’s not just about your choice of software – it’s more about you making the decision that there IS a better way to manage your ingredients, formulations and productions.  It’s about making the choice that the initial time spent moving to a better solution such as Receta is time well spent when you consider the long term benefits of improvement in accuracy and efficiency!

Within Receta not only do you have the power to control your formulations within a piece of software which understands the differences between things such as purities and extracts, you also get to take advantage of your unique production “methods”. Commonly referred to as a “Master Production Record/Sheet” – this would usually be a document, manually authored which outlines the individual steps needed to produce an individual batch of your formulation, something which in many cases will be largely ignored by your staff! With Receta we take things further – not only does it help you choose the steps you need (no more manually writing your Master Production Sheets), it will also allow you to maintain a record of which staff member produced/completed which step in which production! Staff improvement plans and quality investigations become a breeze.


Why not contact us now at and arrange for a free demonstration.  We will arrange a screen-share meeting at a time to suit you and tailor our demonstration to show you the key features which overcome the problems you currently face in your nutraceutical business.