Why do you find it hard to tell your nutraceutical customers what they want to hear?

Over the next few days, why not take a step back and analyse how your business communicates with your customers:

  • What type of calls you receive from your customers?
  • What sort of questions are they asking?
  • How many times are your staff repeating themselves over and over again, relaying the same type of information many times?


I’ll bet the majority of the calls from your customer relate to information you already have but haven’t passed over to them?

Questions such as:

  • “Could you tell me when I’ll get my order?”
  • “Could you provide me with a copy of my standard price list?”
  • “Could you send me the specification sheet for my product?”
  • “Could you track the progress of my delivery please?”

Now consider how much time all of this answer repetition is taking?  How much money are you spending on staff wages to answer these questions?  And perhaps even worse – how much of a damaging impact is this having on your customer relations?

If you customers feel it is hard work dealing with you – how soon will it become too much effort to get the information they need and they look elsewhere for a supplier?

If you are currently falling into the trap above, then I’m here to tell you – this should be one of the easiest bad habits to stop!

You are effectively paying your staff to relate information to your customers which you really should be giving them automatically –  and because your not – you’re actually spending money to make your customer relations worse!

How crazy does that sound?  And yet I’ll bet a good chunk of you reading this are doing exactly that every single day.

So the obvious question is – how do you as a business fix this?

This very conundrum was posed to us by a client recently and we knew that our cloud based ERP  – Receta could eliminate this issue immediately.

We knew we could take some of the actions you perform daily within our software (and generally in other software you personally may be running), take that action and automatically inform the clients’ customers of that action – we could help improve our clients’ client relations in a heartbeat.

Let take the following example:
Every day, the client was producing quotations to go to new clients.  They were also adding new sales order, creating invoices and despatch notices. In their old system, in all of these examples, manual documentation had to be then created (in word processing software) and a new email had to be manually authored, and the file sent to customer.  We changed that instantly – now whenever a new quotation is created, the client automatically sends a copy of the quotation plus ALL specification sheets and formulation certificates in a single email directly from within the system with a single click.
When a new sales order is created, the customer gets a notification via email automatically to say it has been entered and they will be informed of an eta without any interaction from the user.

When a despatch consignment and invoice is created, the customer has all of this information emailed automatically so in all cases the customer has all of the information they need, directly in their inbox with zero effort from the staff at our clients’ business.

This functionality plus lots more is available by default within Receta, so why not consider letting us offer you a no-obligation demonstration? We don’t need to visit your premises and you don’t need to install anything on your computers to take part.

Our experts will take your questions via a screen-share and we can answer any questions and show you live examples of how Receta can fix the inefficiencies within your business and make you more money.

Contact us now to get started